Exterior Painting Contractors Hampshire

Exterior Painting Contractors Hampshire | Painting your exterior will not only ensure that it is looking good but will also protect it from the elements for years to come.

If you have a business you will appreciate the importance of kerb appeal. It is part of your branding and can inspire confidence in your business to suppliers and visitors alike.

For home owners, having a well maintained exterior is important when selling your house but why not enjoy the benefits whilst you are living there?  Having attractive paintwork will make you feel proud of your home whenever you have visitors.

The exterior of a building is constantly exposed to the elements and over time this can take its toll on paintwork. The colour can become dull, dirty and faded as a result of exposure to pollution, sun and grime. If your paint is flaking the wood underneath will be unprotected from the elements and may result in wood rot. This can be expensive to repair and in some cases may even require the wood to be completely replaced.

Our friendly team of professional painters have worked extensively with both house and business owners.  Our services include:

  • Advice on colour schemes
  • Guidance on which material will be most effective
  • Arrange scaffolding and powered accessibility platforms
  • All preparation work (including the removal of flaking paint, sanding, filling and priming)
  • Textured finishes and cladding masonry
  • Painting external fixtures including window sills, guttering and pipe work
Exterior Painting Contractors Hampshire

We are experienced in painting a wide range of external surfaces ranging from gates to commercial buildings.  No matter how large or small your project, whether it is a shed or a private home, we are happy to provide a quotation.

If you have a project in mind or need more information about our professional exterior painting service contact us for a free quotation.


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